Hope & Encouragement in the Waiting

The close of 2017 might have left you wanting. Perhaps you have a dream yet to be realized, and you look to the new year with expectation, yearning, longing, and hope. Maybe it’s for a new desire, fresh vision invigorating your heart, or, on the other hand, maybe you have been waiting on the Lord’s movement for weeks, months, or even years.

For our family, the past five years has been filled with waiting of different kinds. Being in a long, arduous, international adoption process, we have prayed each year would bring us closer to bringing home a little girl from Bulgaria (you can read more of our story here: Our Adoption Journey). At other times, we have waited for God to bring healing in relationships, our loved one’s bodies, and for family who are hurting and broken.

For you, maybe you desperately desire to have a biological child of your own. Perhaps your season of waiting is for a spouse, a new job opportunity, a relationship restoration, or for your illness to be cured. For others it might be waiting to see how God will work things out for good, when your circumstances seem hard, isolating, and unchanging.

Whatever your wait, In Due Time might be the book for you.

Caroline Harris’ book, In Due Time, is a 60 day devotional written out of her own current experience with infertility. Through her own grief and wrestling, Caroline has beautifully penned a daily devotional for our hearts. Each day begins with a Scripture, then tell a short story, and ends with an application for our lives.

A few topics explored include:

* Faith in the Unseen

* How Long, O Lord?

* Mourning into Gladness

*More Than You Can Handle

*Struck Down Buy Not Destroyed

And Much More…

If you find yourself waiting on the Lord for something, I encourage you to check out In Due Time: Hope & Encouragement in the Waiting. And above all else, know that your situation is seen by God, your prayers fall gently on His ears, and that you are loved immeasurably more than you could ever imagine.

We’d love to hear your heart…what truth or promise of God are you holding onto in your season of waiting?

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